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Celebrating Cosmonautics Day (День Космона́втики) in Russia

For more photos from Cosmonautics Day, explore the Памятник Гагарину (Yuri Gargarin Monument) and аллея Космонавтов (Cosmonauts Alley) location pages.

Every year on April 12, Russia celebrates Cosmonautics Day: a commemorative event to remember the achievements of Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin in 1961. The 27-year-old circled Earth in the Vostok 1 (Восток-1) spacecraft for one hour and 48 minutes, making the first manned space flight and marking a new chapter in space exploration.

On Saturday, a ceremonial procession in Moscow will visit a number of important commemorative landmarks including Gagarin’s statue, then his grave in the Red Square’s Kremlin Wall Necropolis and through Cosmonauts Alley before concluding in Novodevichy Cemetery.

More recently, the celebration on April 12 has spread to communities worldwide as “Yuri’s Night”—an occasion to inspire public interest in space exploration.



Made a new view for spring.

Made a new view for spring.

I have decided not to give a shit what people think of me. It will be the hardest thing I constantly do. It will be an endless battle, yet I plan to be happier—or at least more content.

It cannot be considered a good omen to find a dead crow in your front yard;  am I right?

It cannot be considered a good omen to find a dead crow in your front yard; am I right?


These people sat at a table uncomfortably close to ours at my birthday dinner. They told a lot of stories that would have actually been tragic if they were poor, but since they obviously weren’t, everything turned out OK. They didn’t know that when they were telling the stories, which seemed to me to be the most depressing part.

It hasn’t been a great day for me. I thought life was improving, but birthdays always make me realize I have forgotten how to make friends. I don’t remember the last new friend I made.

I never have anyone to call and say, hey, let’s go do something. I am glad for my husband, but one person is not enough. Every year I feel this way. It doesn’t change. I just want it to change.

I wasn’t going to be depressed this year. Then the car broke badly, and I realized you can never get ahead in this society. Or maybe I can’t.

I don’t know anymore.
Lack of car

Lack of car